The State of Technology in Agriculture Written by Alan Mondragon on September 11, 2019

The State of Technology in Agriculture

Farming in 2019 is not what it use to be. A decade ago, technology such as a drones weren’t as widely available as they are today. As technology advances, the way people farm does to. Innovation brings about new solutions to farming problems such as: New Methodologies of Saving Money on the Farm and Growing New Crops.

Often times people to not realize how smaller technology can benefit them greatly in the farming fields. Let’s take a drone for example, it flies and can see at distances that humans cannot. It sounds simple, but its potential for use on farms is what makes this a great asset when saving money on farm labor. Drones can make the need for walking out in a hot day on the farm much easier. They can fly quickly to different areas of a farm and act as farmers second set of eyes while another area is being looked at.

Embracing this kind of technology is almost essential for farming of the future. It is understood that smaller farms may not be able to afford big tech that bigger ones can, and they may not need as much. Obtaining knowledge in, and investing on new crops is something others may see as being more accessible. Devices such as phones can provide farmers with data right at their fingertips, something that may still be foreign to some but also greatly beneficial.

The advances in micro-technology are also extremely valuable in any field of work. Tiny chips can make a huge impact on the productivity and easiness of growing new crops. A great example is a tractor with new sensors and its use of satellites. Machines like this are able to more accurately aid farmers by more precisely distributing soil, water and seeds.

As technology continues to grow, it is ultimately up to a farmer to embrace it for the long-term stability of their farm. Investing in the knowledge and tools to understand and contribute to what farmers of the future will need is a start.


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