OpenNMS and LoraWAN for Agricultural Data Collection

Room 135A

4:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Hardware Focus

OpenNMS is a stable and powerful opensource project with an extensive toolset widely used for network and computer system monitoring.LoraWAN is low-cost, low-bandwidth, long distance wireless technology well-suited for the agriculture market. It is gaining significant traction in Europe especially. Feed and stock tank levels, moisture, humidity and light levels, and other parameters can be collected at multiple locations at low-cost using this technology.This presentation will demonstrate OpenNMS for IoT data collection and display using OpenNMS, MQTT, and LoraWAN, and present use cases.
We will demonstrate collecting sensor data on a LoraWAN device connected to a MultiTech LoRaWAN gateway which sends data to an MQTT server on the internet. From there the data is collected by OpenNMS and displayed in Grafana.We will also provide examples of existing agricultural use cases.