IoT in Action on the Farm

Room 135A

11:15 am - 11:45 am

Hardware Focus

IoT works on the farm and can help farmers save tens of thousands of dollars on their livestock investment. This session will discuss the field trial results of a remote hog barn monitoring system and the potential impact on the animals wellbeing. In our working field trial, various Operational and Environmental conditions are monitored to improve the well being of the hogs as well as improve efficiencies for the farmer/producer. The barn monitoring solution has been installed in various types of barns – naturally ventilated, hybrid mechanical/natural ventilation and Tunnel Ventilation. The results of the early field trials will be described as well as possible future enhancements to the hog barn monitoring solution. The barn monitoring solution consists of battery operated, wireless sensor systems combined with cellular communications technology and a ‘web dashboard’ to view the status of the barn’s environmental and operational state.