Improving Operations In The Industrial IoT Through IoMT Written by Alan Mondragon on November 14, 2019

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way we live in the Medical, Agricultural, and Technological space. In this blog post, we will be summarizing an article on the 3 Practices Industrial IoT Can Learn From Digital Health And The Internet Of Medical Things which focuses on what IoMT has taught Industrial IoT.

In the Medical world, medical professionals practice was is known as the “Quadruple Aim”, this is defined as the 4 principles to enhance health systems. These principles originally only included practices pertaining to the services and costs of providing them. However in recent years since the introduction of IoMT, the principles were rewritten and they are as follows: improving patient health, elevating patient experience, reducing costs of quality care, and most recently – improving the life of medical care providers.

The Quadruple Aim can be compared to what is know as the “Industrial IoT Aim” which involves the user, operator, system wellness, and lower cost. This system however, does not place an emphasis on its users or customer experience. The Internet of Medical things 4 principles can teach the Industrial IoT that the wellness or “patient” experience is critical to the success of their operational endeavors. This is because when designing new systems, how a user “consumes” a care model affects how they achieve the desired outcome. An improvement in a users experience, is also an improvement in the realm of operations.

Industrial IoT will begin to be valued as a service or product when machines based services are seen more as user based services. The consumer will subscribe to the idea of paying for services in the field of Industrial IoT because of value-based care models adapted from IoMT.


This article is a summary of:

3 Practices Industrial IoT Can Learn From Digital Health And The Internet Of Medical Things

By Scott Nelson of Reuleaux Technology

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