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Pushing the Future of Farming

to the Next Level

1890 Buford Ave, Saint Paul MN 55108 University of Minnesota - Continuing Education & Conference Center

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What To Expect

  • Hear talks from some of the brightest innovators in the world of agriculture.
  • Network with individuals from around the connected agricultural space.
  • Learn about topics related to productivity, ROI, and Ag technology.
  • Opportunities for interaction with Speakers from Thought-Leading Organizations. is a conference for farmers and technological innovators to push the boundaries of possibilities within the agriculture space. To sustain the longevity and preserve the essence of farming.

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What is

What? is a conference that brings together the farmers, the workers, veterinarians, crop scientists, industrial agro operations specialists and food brand marketers together with the people who power and create technology.

Technology innovators such as engineers, makers, system architects and data scientists help build the world’s best agrotechnology community focused on the internet connected measurement, control and analysis space.



We seek to educate, innovate, and create new strategies for the benefit of those who are in the field of Agriculture, new and old. Farmers that seek new methodologies of productivity, want to save money on their farms, and gaining access to new emerging technology are all welcome.



This is a newly built conference that will be located close to home in Saint Paul, Minnesota. It will be held at the University of Minnesota (Saint Paul, Campus). The center we will be using is located close by the Agriculture & Landscaping building. The address can be found at the top of this page.




Why Attend

Still deciding if you want to attend 2020? Here are some reasons why you should:


  • Real Insights

    At we seek only the best speakers with interests and knowledge in various agricultural strategy & technical topics.

    Hear talks some of the brightest innovators in the world of connected agriculture. Network with like minded individuals from around the connected farm and agricultural space.


  • Emerging Technology values people with insights into the real world experiences by farmers. We help them by connecting them with technology innovators, engineers, and all people within the agriculture community. Conferences like help people create technology for those who need it and educate those who want to use it.

  • Network Opportunities

    Attendees include people from all fields relating to agriculture and technology. This includes farmers, field workers, veterinarians, crop scientists, engineers, innovators, system architects and data scientists. Connect with like-minded people to help make a difference.


Our Mission

“To build from the ground up and push the future of farming to the next level. By connecting innovators, agriculture, and technology, farmers can farm data, enhance control, reduce waste, and increase productivity.” – 2020