What is AgroFuse?


IoT, a network of “things” that use connectivity and devices to curate data. AgroFuse, a network of people that use IoT to push the future of farming to the next level. By connecting smart people, agriculture, and technology, farmers can now farm data, enhance control, reduce waste, and increase productivity. AgroFuse, rooted in the Corn Belt and returning JANUARY 2021!


What Does KConfs Do?

KConfs, LLC produces various technology conferences that focus on developing a community ranging from engineers to high-level decision makers. We believe in putting attendees first by curating the most impactful content, making that content accessible, and encouraging collaboration and networking. KConfs produces the IoT Fuse Conference on behalf of the IoT Fuse organization.

Reach out to us with any inquiries regarding KConfs or the conferences that KConfs produces at [email protected]


Other Conferences:



A full list of conferences can be found here: KConfs LLC. Conferences